Tree-s is an innovative structure in PVC, weathering resistant that, with its design and the
large range of colors, is the ideal solution for every need of illumination in parks, gardens and serive areas.

Does not need a cement base, so, it can be moved easily in private areas.
In public areas, is strictly suggested to anchor the pole to the ground with tradition bases.



Colors and sizes


In private areas
100cm 200cm 290cm 

In public areas



Tech specs and Kit

  • 2w LED lamp (20w incandescence equivalent)
  • Solar panel for a 100% autonomy in power
  • Slim size (18x12,5x3)cm
  • 350 Lumen
  • PIR movement sensor
  • IP65 water resistant
  • 30'000 h (7 years) lamp life
Included in the box
    • TrialSystem PVC cover (100/200/290)cm
    • LED lamp
    • (Ø 6cm) 80/120/150/280cm PVC support pole


Lamp has 3 years limited warranty





  1. Remove the PVC support pole from the box
  2. Plant the support pole in the ground for abour 30/35 cm
  3. Attach the lamp to the top-front of trees cover
  4. Attach the cap to the top of trees
  5. Sleve Trees (with the lamp already attached) on the support pole
  6. To avoi rotation, anchor Trees to the support pole with a self -tapping screw

For one day of sunlight Trees has an autonomy of 12 hours, still on all the night. It does not require a cement base* or to be attached to the elettricity grid, so it can be moved easily, where a point of light is needed.

*In public areas a cement base is stricly suggested


Download manuals

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